Headaches planning your event? Let us support you in your event planning

Why we do it

Building Audience-CentricServices
to Support Event Planners.


An event doesn’t really happen if nobody remembers it, and what we do best is to ensure your audience brings back the best memories from the event. Be it Awards ceremonies, to marketing campaign, we make sure your event is on the top of your audiences’ mind

Reason two: disrupt the event industry

We are no longer at the mercy of an outdated event planner who uses obsolete methods in planning events. We at Dope is out to disrupt the events industry with fresh and unconventional concepts to bring your event to the next level

Still not convinced? Here is another one:

Reason three: we simply love it!

A successfully run event just gets us off our socks! The adrenalin we get from running a successful campaign is out of the world!

Our Brands

Providing a wide range of Event Support Services, our individual brands are out to impress with quality services and products. Through systemization, we differentiate the event support services to ensure that we maintain the integrity of our products and services

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What our customers say

We make your event awesome

Dope has been a life-saver, they are able to do whatever challenges we throw at them. Having run our quarterly events for the past 2 years, they never fail to amaze us


Belinda is very detailed in her planning and have definitely make my colleagues and especially my bosses very happy during our DnD


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